Christian Auctioneer, Mr. Scott Bowman
Scott Bowman

Scott was adopted at a very young age by Gaylord and Margaret Bowman where they lived in La Palma California and attended First Baptist Church of Lakewood. By the seventh grade Scott’s parents left their jobs and joined Mexican Medical, an organization dedicated to developing churches and hospitals in Mexico. Scott spent many summers working on and at the hospital El Buen Pastor. By his early twenties his parents left Mexican Medical and started their own ministry, Partners in Missions which helps start churches throughout Mexico. He began to get very involved in the fundraisers for the mission. Scott spent five years teaching college when he decided to pursue a career in public speaking. At age thirty one he married Kristen. They have two children, Megan and Kaylee. They live in San Diego California and attend Community Covenant Church where Scott became involved with Baja Christian Ministries, building homes for needy people in Mexico. To date he has worked on fifteen house projects and helped restore an old hotel for use as a women’s shelter. Scott and Kristen have been married thirteen years and counting, and consider themselves deeply blessed for what they have.